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Over the last twelve months the Parish Plan Group and Parish Council have been working to develop a Parish Plan covering Stottesdon, Sidbury and Chorley. The Parish Plan is a blueprint for guiding the Parish Council, District and County Councils on what is important in the Parish, what people feel proud about and what needs improving.

Local people were trained to be interviewers and every household was given the chance to join in. Two-thirds of all Parish households took part including 275 people who were interviewed and over 60 people who visited the road shows.

Included here is a summary of the Parish Plan. This shows areas for improvement that the Parish Plan Group and Parish Council will seek to improve. The Plan will not change things overnight - some of the issues will take a long time to deal with, but issues that matter to people will gradually be put right.

Thanks go to everyone who helped with the interviews and road shows.

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